Episode 2: 9-Man Documentary

Welcome (back) for episode two. Before we get into the show, a reminder that the podcast is now available for subscription on iTunes, you can subscribe by clicking this link. Thanks everyone for tuning in, it is much appreciated. When did I become so nice?

This week, it’s the Chinatown episode, as I speak to Ursula Liang and Theresa Navarro, respectively the director and producer of a documentary they’re currently funding on Kickstarter called “9-MAN”.

9-MAN is a streetball game played in Chinatown by Chinese-American and Chinese-Canadian men. The rules are distinct and exist nowhere else in the world. Imagine volleyball with 18 guys, dunks and bloodied elbows. It’s a sport that is unique to the Chinese community, and its origins date back to the 1930s.

Ursula and Theresa stop by to talk more about the film, the sport, and even a few stories: going to prom with Kendrick Perkins and shopping with Yao Ming and Wang ZhiZhi.

Streaming link up top, download link below this, and if you want more information on some of the stuff we discuss on the podcast, I’ve included show notes and links at the very bottom.

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Show notes:

1. For more about the “9-MAN” project, visit their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, or sign up on their mailing list for more information.

2. Here are the basic rules of 9-man volleyball and some game footage here

3. We touched on the subject of how Asian-American athletes are covered in mainstream media, Ursula contributed to the Asian American Journalists Association’s media advisory on Jeremy Lin coverage released earlier this year. 

4. Ursula did a piece for ESPN Magazine several years ago about Kendrick Perkins going to his prom. Any mention of Perkins requires me to link this Deadspin piece of how two white guys wound up in a post-championship family photo of his.

5. Here is the correct pronunciation of Wang ZhiZhi’s name, which means I should be ashamed. Sorry, Ursula.

6. Opening and closing song are from J Dilla’s “Donuts”, which is being reissued as a 7” boxset on January 7, 2013.

7. Thanks to @jonsavant for editing the podcast and @bouncex3 for the podcast logo.

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