The Inside Stuff

As a kid, my Saturdays were spent watching Ahmad Rashad on NBA Inside Stuff and WWF Superstars.

I can pinpoint when wrestling stopped being interesting for me, it was sometime right after WCW was acquired by Vince McMahon.

As for Inside Stuff, it kind of just gradually disappeared from my radar, I’m still not entirely sure when the show changed from the incarnation I was most familiar with.

Yahoo’s “Ball Don’t Lie!” blog caught up with host Ahmad Rashad for a lengthy interview on the show, his close ties to Michael Jordan and much more in 2008.

When asked whether he misses “Inside Stuff”, Rashad replied:

That show was the first of its genre, and the best. And everything that came after that, never lived quite up to it. It was a show that, not only you grew up watching it, a lot of these players grew up watching it. Chris Webber grew up watching it, Gary Payton grew up watching it. So, it’s anything that makes me feel older, it’s just that it was some quality work that was done, with a show that was created and went to its fruition. It was a beautiful, wonderful show, and I see people every day of my life, in any place I’ve ever been in this world, that people say “I grew up watching Inside Stuff,” and I think that’s a real plus. I mean I was in Paris two months ago walking down the street, and a Chinese guy walked up to me and said he grew up watching “Inside Stuff,” so it’s pretty cool.

I echo those sentiments.

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