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You can write it however way you want, but there’s no escaping the fact that Brandon Roy’s retirement from basketball was a tragic story.

I can’t say that I had the privilege to see that many Portland Trail Blazer games during his career. But from what I gathered, Roy had a connection with the fan base and community that you don’t see everywhere. He may have never been marketed as one of the rising stars of the entire league, but the bond that Roy forged with his basketball city seemed as tight-knit as you can get in sports.

So it’s fitting that the best send-off for the 27 year old would come from someone who followed him and the team on a day to day basis to understand that connection. When you have a minute, read “Brandon Roy Could Cook" from Ben Golliver of Blazers Edge. These words are about as close as you can get to appreciating someone’s career without actually experiencing most of it.

And the best tribute for Roy is to not look on the bright side and minimize the tragic nature of his situation by pointing to all that’s left in his life away from basketball. We should all feel his pain, and appreciate just how great he was, how great he wanted to be and how great he could’ve been.

And if times passes and we remember him as better than he really was? I don’t think there’s a person more deserving of such superlatives than Brandon Roy.

photo source: Bruce Ely

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