Jeremy Lin, ‘Reppin’ Asians With Everything I Have,’ Is Bigger Than an N.B.A. Title

New York Times, June 2019

A personal essay on why Jeremy Lin’s N.B.A. championship with the Toronto Raptors means everything to Asian communities around the world, even if he wasn’t a major contributor on the court.


Everyone wants to get their hands on vintage Raptors merchandise

Yahoo Sports, June 2019

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Everyone has a story to tell about NBA journeyman Mike Brown

Yahoo Sports, May 2019

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What happened to Michael Jordan Cologne?

SB Nation, April 2019

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NBA Photographers ‘Do it For The Gram’ Too

New York Times, April 2019

A conversation with photographers, new and old, about the tricks of the trade and how they’re trying to keep up in the social media era.


From Reno to Raptors

Yahoo Sports, March 2019

Revisiting the D-League stints of two Toronto Raptor players through their lens and the memories of teammates and coaches who lived the minor league basketball lifestyle.

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Why Fred VanVleet’s still the brightest star in Wichita

theScore, November 2018

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How the Cleveland Cavaliers nearly became the Toronto Towers

theScore, August 2018

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The anxiety and fear of the Toronto Raptors fan

The New Yorker, April 2018

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‘Nothing is unattainable’: An Appreciation for P.J. Tucker, NBA Sneaker King

Bleacher Report, March 2018

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Twitter blocks and trash talk: On NBA players’ love-hate relationship with social media

theScore, February 2018

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How Supreme is taking over the NBA

theScore, December 2017

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Jeremy Lin’s younger brother, Joe, chases his basketball dreams

The New Yorker, June 2017

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Raptors coach Dwane Casey and late, great Japanese basketball coach Mototaka Kohama were two of a kind

ESPN’s The Undefeated, April 2017

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A look back at Jeremy Lin’s back-to-back Sports Illustrated covers

ESPN’s The Undefeated, March 2017

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The Game of Thrones Nerds of the Cleveland Cavaliers

GQ, June 2016

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